Our Intention

Sol Alchemy Temple is dedicated to making the ancient philosophy, teachings and practice of yoga accessible to modern-day spiritual-seekers in a safe, healthy and sacred environment -one that is free from competition and intimidation. Our intention and hope is that when you walk through our doors you feel more at ease than you did before entering, and we hope that you maybe even feel at home.


At Sol Alchemy, we take great joy in cultivating the art of combining yogic body postures, breath work, meditation, mantras & chanting with the great esoteric and mystery teachings from across eras and the globe ... creating special "recipes" and a unique unique flavor of alchemical transformation that awakens our individual hearts to the sweetness and power of community and the collective heart.


 Whether you're a seasoned yoga practitioner or are contemplating stepping across the threshold of a yoga studio's front door for the first time, we don't take it lightly that you're considering Sol Alchemy Temple as a place and community you'd like to bring your Spirit and practice. Every time a person pays a visit to their yoga mat, we consider it a vulnerable and courageous act and a bold choice.


Wherever else your journey has taken you and will going forward, we are excited and honored at the  opportunity to welcome you.

Why Yoga


Yoga - as a form of moving meditation, prayer and spiritual practice - has the potential to affect and benefit the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual/energetic bodies.


Ancient yogis knew and taught that activating and harmonizing, or bringing into coherence, all three of our 'centers' - our moving center/body , heart center and higher, intuitive mind center - Life in a heightened, more aware, conscious and awake state is possible.


Some specific benefits of adopting a yoga practice are below.


  • Awareness of breath and deeper, more efficient breathing

  • Increased strength, flexibility and mobility

  • Improved balance, stamina and sleep

  • Mental clarity and overall higher-functioning, more intuitive mind

  • More frequent feelings of gratitude, peacefulness and resilience

  • A growing desire and ability to respond rather than react to the world around us

  • Visceral sensation and experiences of being connected to and a part of something greater than ourselves

  • Greater access to insight, guidance and wisdom related to our unique Soul-purpose in the world

Yoga @The Temple

Benefits of Yoga

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