We're Moving!

*While this letter is written from and by Bre as the Founder & Owner of Sol Alchemy, it reflects the intentions of the entire Sol Alchemy and Shakti Oregon teams.

On this glorious New Moon in Cancer , it is with great excitement that we share with you, our beloved community, WE'RE MOVING! (to see specifics, details & logistics, keep reading :) ... or click here for a shortcut)

Exciting things are on the horizon for Sol Alchemy Temple! After three years in our current space on Studio Rd. (and two years prior to that in our former space near Pilot Butte), change is afoot, yet again!

For the past five years, we rented and successfully managed a 2,500-square-foot space with a complex schedule and calendar of events akin to a full-blown spiritual/interfaith community center. Roughly 15 teachers/practitioners taught regularly in the space (holistic, trauma-informed classes and services) to nearly 2,000 students each year with an additional 20-30 teachers, leaders and musicians offering one-time classes, workshops, concerts and events annually. This cycle of "big and broad" was precisely what was needed and meant for the three years we did it. The space and business model we adopted provided tremendous opportunities for community building, collaboration and exposure - the perfect ingredients not only for a small business in its first 5 years, but also for the planting and tending of the seeds and sprouts that are Shakti Rising Oregon, the social change movement. If these last three years have been about "big and broad," Sol Alchemy Temple’s next phase of growth is leading us into what we call a "lean and strong” year. What we are taking with us are our strongest weekly/monthly/seasonal ​core offerings - the things at the heart of all we do and offer - in order to simplify and focus our efforts as we prepare to purchase a permanent home for Shakti Rising Oregon and Sol Alchemy Temple here in Central Oregon. In a culture where we've been tricked into believing myths like "more and bigger is always better" and pushed to figure out "my own thing" in order to not only offer it, but to then patent it ... replicate it hundreds of times over ... double its value and double its price ... write books about it ... give speeches about it ... make bumper stickers about it ... get famous because of it ... In this kind of culture, we are aware what the kind of move we're making can look like. To prune and pair back, and to intentionally and mindfully reconnect with core essence, can be misinterpreted as weakness. But much the way a yoga practice can transform the body in suppleness and the spirit in awareness, "lean and strong" cycles are just as necessary as big and broad ones! Plus, ask any gardner, pruning helps keep the garden alive and thriving! As we prepare to physically move, we are also taking time to reflect back on all we've accomplished. In five years of business, Sol Alchemy has served over 4,000 people, mostly women and girls, and including:

  • Women business owners and leaders

  • Women in recovery

  • Women seed savers and farmers

  • Sexual assault and partner violence survivors and advocates

  • Girls and teens from publics schools, boarding schools and homeschool programs

  • People in second careers and retirement

  • The LGBTQ community and their allies

  • Teachers and health professionals

  • Activists, artists and healers

  • Moms and daughters

  • Whole families

We have also:

  • Cultivated an excellent reputation with community members; other wellness-based businesses (other yoga studios, nonprofit professionals and organizations); small local business owners/entrepreneurs; and teachers, healers, and health professionals.

  • Built community partnerships with Central Oregon Community College, Pfeifer & Associates, Saving Grace, Deschutes Public Libraries, The Night Light Show with Shanan Kelley and World Muse (which just awarded Sol Alchemy a grant to support offering Shakti Rising’s sustainability course, “Women and Money” this year).

  • Curated an extensive learning/lending library featuring over 150 unique (and sometimes rare) books from diverse healing, spiritual and esoteric traditions we make available to community members free of charge.

  • Built connections with some of the most well-known kirtan artists touring the west coast and festival routes who, due to our long-term relationships, seek out Sol Alchemy as their preferred concert venue in Bend.

The work Sol Alchemy is and wants to be even more a part of and facilitate is helping shape Bend into a beacon of what is possible when we work together as citizens consciously and meaningfully. This move represents an opportunity for us to grow more impactfully into this work and in a new way. I, Bre, am here doing this work in my hometown (and the hometown of my mom, and my grandma and my great grandmother) by conscious choice. I am not teaching yoga just because it's hip or ‘doing a little community outreach’ for a few years so I can move on to wherever the next opportunity takes me. I am here for the long haul, viewing my work in decades instead of years. In times like these, the intensity and bigness of our lives can only be balanced by the joy, gratitude, and magic of it. This is my life, and what a miraculous life it is! Thank you, to each of you receiving and reading this, for being a part of our community and evolution! In awe of all that has been, and all that is to come, Breyn Hibbs & The Sol Alchemy & Shakti Oregon Teams (moving details below, or click here)


LAST DAY OF CLASSES (BEFORE THE MOVE) Friday, 7/27 Pardon our dust! :) Even as we begin to move out and re-paint, we are still holding all of our regularly-scheduled weekly classes through Friday, 7/27 (and even have a couple last workshops and events up our sleeve!) ALL of your yoga class punchcards and memberships will transfer and be valid after the move! COMMUNITY WORK PARTIES Saturday, 7/21 through Monday, 7/30 Join us for community work parties - preparing for the moving sale and painting the walls! Some of you were there when we first painted the red, teal and purple 3 years ago THIS MONTH! Let's bless up the walls one more time with our paint rollers, songs and laughter! Kids welcome! Click here for details on timing and how to sign up. MOVING SALE Saturday, 7/28, 7am-6pm Sunday, 7/29, 7am-3pm Moving is of course a perfect time to discern what to keep and what to bless and release! Our moving sale will be a combination of donated goods we can sell as a fundraiser as we prepare to open in our new location; as well as some of the things we have had in the space we are ready to pass on/share. **If you are an artist with consignment items in the boutique, don't worry, Kat will be getting ahold of you to come pick up your things nex week (she is currently in the Dominican Republic. If you are someone who has gifted something to Sol Alchemy you would like back, or if there is something in Sol Alchemy that you really love or feel connected to (excluding boutique/consignment pieces that are for sale), please reach out to Kat (balanceisbliss@gmail.com). We would love to share as many of our sacred things as we can with someone who would really love, honor and appreciate them. FAREWELL BLESSING & RITUAL FOR STUDIO RD. Tuesday, 7/31, 6-8pm Join us for a final farewell blessing and ritual in and for the space that has been our home for the last 3 years. Please bring flowers, herbs, cuttings from plants or trees. Free event.

SUMMER INTEGRATION & MOVING "BREAK" August 1st through September 3rd All of our classes/offerings/workshops will be on pause for just one month during this transition. **Except Wednesday Night Kirtan, which will continue through August at generous community members' homes! Click here for details/locations. Again, all of your yoga class punchcards and memberships will transfer and be valid after the move; and we will of course adjust expiration dates to accommodate this break.

RE-OPENING FOR CLASSES Tuesday, September 4th Location TBD We are in final conversations and negotiations with 2 potential future landlords. Although we don't quite ​​yet know where we will be re-opening our doors in early September, we were committed to sending this this newsletter out anyway. We've been playing in the deep mystery of this whole thing! And now, you're in the unknown with us temporarily, too! What a practice in trust, eh?! As SOON as we know our landing place for September, we will let you know!

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