Welcome ~ Wel-come ~ To move closer to Well(whole)ness

To welcome is to say: "Please. Come in. And be well... To welcome is to invite...

...into wellness, ...into our most robust state of wholeness...

[which, by the way, is not something out side of us...

it's our natural state, and it's our birthright!]

This is our invitation to and for you this Navaratri season, this Fall. We want you to come in with us; to be more well and whole with us, all of us together: in communion and in community.

At this time, we also serve as

:: an echo :: a mirror :: a memory :: a reminder ::

that one of our most powerful gifts is to welcome ourselves...

:: onto our cushions or mats ::

:: home to our hearts ::

:: deeper inside of ourselves ::

:: into intimacy with one another :: And may we also adopt the practice of welcoming ourselves as residents of this blue-green-gem-of-a-planet. The meaning of residence is to have/hold sustained presence, or to be habitually present. Thus, to be a resident of this Earth is to not just casually be here, but to really BE HERE:

:: Alive. Awake. Present :: ~ :: Alive. Awake. Present :: ~ :: Alive. Awake. Present ::

Navaratri is a 9-night ritual honoring three aspects of the Goddess, as she lives in and through the mystery teachings of India. The multi-day ceremony invites forth that which lives in our subconscious to come forward for transformation and reconciliation (Kali Ma); settles us back into the remembrance of the Plenty of all of Life (Lakshmi Ma); and helps us find our own way into true, deep and embodied Wisdom that develops through living life (soul)fully and creatively (Saraswati Ma).

We hope you'll join us.

Here's a practice, also, inspired by Durga Puja during Navaratri, about welcoming Ma Durga!

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