Post-eclipse...NOW WHAT?!

Image credit: original painting by Toni Acevedo of Barefoot Bliss Yoga

Several people have asked me this question since the big cosmic event: "Now what?!" And honestly, I haven't given a lot of 'answers,' partially, because in my cultivation as a teacher, my first instinct is to pose the question back: "Well, what do YOU sense and feel about it?!" But in my own contemplation of the inquiry, two threads seem to be arising: On one hand, something I know to have power and truth in my own life over time isdevotion. In the context of this question: "Now what?!" devotion, to me, feels something like this: When we plant seeds of intention, the time(s) directly after those seeds are planted feel particularly rich and abounding with potency. For example, if you

set an intention that you want to practice 5 minutes of meditation daily, the first few days following that intention hold powerful keys to the new pattern landing more fully in everything from your physiological Self (e.g., your brain, neuropathways, biochemistry, etc.), to the more subtle layers of you (e.g., your heartfield, multiple energy bodies, etc.). So in these first several days post-eclipse, something you could do is give some additional time, attention and even resources to those intentions you planted and toward that which you most desire to create in your life in the unfoldment of this next cycle. In following the gardening metaphor ... water the seeds. Give them ample access to sunlight. Continue tending the fertile soil of your Life so that the seeds' growth happens within a nutrient-dense ecosystem that supports their thriving! On the other hand, I am reminding myself that it's simultaneously powerful and important to remember that our intentions and prayers are also being tended by unseen Beings, energies and forces that don't require our ongoing 'meddling' (and in fact, our ongoing meddling can actually hinder the process of unfoldment itself!). We don't always have to be 'trying so hard to manifest everything' all the time ... and when we do this, our desire to 'do, do, do' in order to try really hard to 'manifest, manifest, manifest', is the very thing/energy blocking that which we most desire from coming into our lives. Paige Robinson, a good friend, teacher and wildly successful entrepreneur brought forth these questions this past weekend: "What if we just have to imagine something, and that's enough to make it come true?" "What if we look at the abundant apple tree in the yard - already dropping more apples than we can eat this season - and walk through our day/Life knowing that we're made of the same stuff as the apple tree and are governed by the same laws of nature?" Another way of sharing this comes from Shakti Rising's teachings/practices around cultivating harmony between the Divine Masculine super-power of manifestation, and the Divine Feminine super-power of magnetizing. Thus, even amidst the devotion, I am finding and cultivating the energy of receptivity inside of myself. Moments of pause to simply breathe and feel gravity. More stillness throughout the day, particularly at the naturally-occurring transition/thresholds of the day: morning and evening, during and after meals, in between tasks or projects. Asking people I'm with what's on their hearts, or what they are grateful for more often. So, in this threshold time between Summer and Fall; situated in this post-eclipse portal; as the cosmos, planets, sun, moon and Earth all continue their journeys and rhythms daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and so on; let us remember the paradox of both devotion (tending, cultivating and giving energy to that which we most love and desire)and magnetizing (allowing/being super receptive).

May this next cycle be rich, with much to harvest for you.

Blessed be. A-ha.

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