What is #synarchy, and why does it matter?

"When you enter into this Community, you are engaging with a principle known as Synarchy ... You’ve been drawn mysteriously and karmically, like a bee to a flower, and there are others also drawn to the same flower, so you share something similar in your essence ... To meet others on the same wavelength as you ... that creates a strong resonance, and it’s this resonance – this honey – that we call Synarchy.”

~ Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys ~

Did you know that bees do not know how to make honey when they are born?! And instead, they learn from the hive?!

Generally-speaking in our culture, this is a day in celebration of independence. And by inviting an additional perspective on this day, we aren't denying the truth or significance of the moment when the 13 original colonies declared their independence from the oppressive British-powers-that-be, or implying that what we prefer to call sovereignty (instead of independence) isn't a profound and necessary part of the spiritual journey... it's just that it's not actually the point, and somewhere along the way, our Western culture has confused sovereignty, or independence, with a, ultimate goal and highest outcome of life.

Simultaneously, though, we recognize it was *13 colonies* ... that quite literally couldn't have done what they did without the one another.

Thus, on this day, Sol Alchemy Temple is calling forth recognition and appreciation of INTERdependence. And even beyond this, perhaps, we are inviting YOU forth and forward, in both small and big ways, into an experience of Synarchy:

syn-, meaning: together

-archy, meaning: rule, or governance

synarchy: ruling together; joint governance; harmonious governance

syn-archy ... sol alchemy ... you're pickin' up what we're puttin' down?!

Our two favorite definitions:

"joint sovereignty," which we love because of the utter paradox of it, that feels so true and so right; and "the return of the Queendom," as Richard Rudd describes in his work The Gene Keys.

As we look back at the nearly two-and-a-half centuries of attempted democracy in and on this particular landmass, it's easy to be discouraged ... maybe worse.

And yet, 241 years isn't very long! This democratic experiment is still young - very young in comparison to other historical cultures we know were in existence for millennia. Can't we but wonder if what those 13 original colonies were actually aiming at and moving toward was something closer to synarchy?

From a social and environmental change perspective - as well as a perspective held many of the most visible and public leaders of the world's major religions and spiritual traditions - the kind of change being called for at this time is going to come from creating and sustaining many small, grassroots communities Being and Doing the truth of democracy/synarchy together within themselves and between one another. In other words, the next 'Buddhas' will be communities, not individuals - and not just any/random communities or groups of people, but communities of people who have opted into being, living, creating and working together in certain kinds of ways, under certain kinds of principles and through the adoption of certain kinds of practices.

So what's this got to do with bees?!

Well, for one, as the founder of Shakti Rising, Shannon Thompson, says: "Over-self sufficiency is the death of community" ... aka, over-independence suffocates the real truth and purpose out of community. And among the many magical, awe-inspiring and miraculous things we know about bees at this time - including that at least 1/3 of our food sources, and thus our Lives depend on them - one of them is that they are masters at synarchy ... perhaps one of our greatest models and teachers. They aren't born making honey; they learn to make it from the other bees in the hive.

Similarly, none of us can learn the power of community without engaging in it. And we certainly can't know what synarchy is or feels like without trying it/experimenting together:

Joint sovereignty, remember?!

So come check it out, try it on, find YOUR place and sense of belonging HERE. What we know is that WE can't do synarchy without YOU ... because it's inherently and necessarily a 'together' story ... about WE/US (which also must include the natural world).

~Learn about and attend classes, workshop, gatherings and events;

~Volunteer with us on Sol Alchemy-based and larger community-based projects;

~We are in the process of becoming a 501c3 non-profit/charitable organization; if you'd like to join our Board (true joint governance) and/or support our work through tax deductible donations before the end of 2017, please write to Bre at mysolalchemy@gmail.com.

This is also an abounding THANK YOU to OneDoorLand for your miraculous creative genius, for sharing the gift of improv as a cultivation and spiritual practice and for guiding members of the Sol Alchemy community in co-creating our very own art portal!

See what community members are saying about this art portal experience, curated by the OneDoorLand Synergenius Stew Chefs:

"This is what happens when we step outside our comfort zones and let our voices and paint brushes be a channel for both the masculinear and the femininfinite to dance together...Sol Alchemy, thanks for being that fertile feminine flower that was so ready to be pollinated by the bees today. What a gift you are to Central Oregon."

~ Amara Dreamer, Wild Heart Nature School ~

"Opening the mouth is an act of power. With one word, worlds are born, while others die..."

~ Elizabeth Stauder, Desert Lotus ~

#synarchy #community #democracy #art #improv #optin #genekeys

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