i choose to #OptIn...

today, we find ourselves a little over a week out, post-black friday. and for the past several days, something that's been at the top of my heart is REI's recent #OptOutside campaign. get this, if you haven't seen or heard. for black friday, REI closed ALL their stores and offices...gave all their employees the day off AND paid them anyway...gave up millions of dollars worth of what would have been that day's revenues...all as a statement to their people, customers and the larger consumerist machine: "do something different today...go outside with your families and communities instead of shop/buy/spend/hoard!" whoa. right on REI. i love both the simplicity AND power of this campaign. and i'm so grateful for the inspiration and curiosity it has sparked for me.

and REI hasn't been the only one taking a stand. kuddos, also, to a long-time friend and partner of Shakti Rising, Artist Shiloh Sophia. she wrote a beautiful poem about the experience of not believing in black friday, war and other atrocities, while simultaneously being able to touch and hold inside of herself all of what she DOES love about her life. thank you, Shiloh, for the beautiful reflection and teaching about paradox as the territory of the heart and Soul, and thus, a gift of the human experience as we learn to live into the Truth of the Divinity we truly are.

why does this all matter?

of course, my activist heart and mind has been churning all week (thank you Shannon, Chelsea, Carli, Taylor and Katrina for your patience as my energy and excitement exploded during multiple conversations about this whole thing). i kept asking myself: what's the bigger message, opportunity and action available here?! how can i and we leverage the momentum? you feel it, too, right? there's untapped energy around all this, for sure!

and finally, it came to me how to harness at least a little slice of it!

at Shakti Rising and Sol Alchemy, we totally encourage people to opt out of those things that don't feed and nourish the body, mind, heart and Soul. even more than that, though, we want people make the conscious and awake choice to #OptIn - to goodness, to love, to belonging and community, to living from the heart, to saying YES to our Souls, to saying YES to all of Life (or to whatever it is that brings a sly smile to your face and a twinkle to your eye).

the choice and action to #OptIn is profound. it goes against the grain of all our deepest cultural conditioning - to reject what we don't like or believe in; to call out others' mistakes; to be against the other party; to hold the dissenting view, sometimes, just for the heck of it, or for attention; to get away from all the things that don't light up our hearts and Souls. it also isn't a naive paradigm that ignores or denies the peril in our current world.

what #OptIn IS, though, is a way of participating and giving energy to what we believe is the remedy: actively choosing, following and moving toward those things that DO light us up.

so, our invitation for you is to join us,

what is it you #OptIn to?

(**art credited to the beautiful @Taylor Collins, senior leader and volunteer in @Shakti)


#OptIn to spreading the word.

#OptIn to the movement.

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