Be Present In Your Darkness

i #OptIn to keeping my heart open...always...AND with particular attention and compassion as we move toward the darkest day of the year and toward the winter season.

inspired by the stunning new moon ceremony at @Sol Alchemy Temple last night, this morning i am being with something one woman shared about how goddess circles sometimes perpetuate conversations that keep people at the surface - encouraging the expression of joy and gratitude and love from an inauthentic place that isn't founded or rooted in the heart or Soul, and rather, is wrapped up in the "new age-y quest for light no matter what, even if it's false light, so we can bypass the darkness and discomfort and rawness" kinda paradigm. in her share was a moment of relief, when she felt our container and circle's ability and willingness to hold the sadness and grief that was present in her heart.

at @Sol and @Shakti Rising, we hold, teach and LIVE that a necessary part of reclaiming the Feminine is reclaiming the darkness - the darkness as the harder stuff, like our personal shadow parts, AND the darkness as the creative Feminine void. and while we're at it, we can perhaps do some work and offer some prayers contributing to and assisting in the reclaiming of the disowned pieces of the collective shadow, too.

as we move toward the turn of the seasonal year at the winter solstice, we invite you to be present in your darkness. and we hold one of the most powerful ways to do this is to keep an open heart. use tools like heart resonance and heart coherence practices - even just tapping gently on your heart with your fingertips or placing a palm on your heart in a difficult moment can have profound impacts on our bodies and energy.

we are made of the stuff of stars, which we often equate with light; but deep inside those stars, is the darkness and chaos from which light is born.

#OptIn, spread the word.

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