Thin Places

*The below writing is a revised form of the published article "Thin Places," by Breyn Hibbs in: Key, A. & Kant, C. Eds., "Stepping Into Ourselves: An Anthology of Writings On Priestesses." Las Vegas, Nevada. Goddess Ink, 2014.

Ancient Celtic mystics said “thin places” are those places and spaces where the distance between heaven and earth – the sacred and the mundane – becomes ever-so-small. Thin places are most often talked about as physical places where the presence of God, the Divine, can be felt differently, more fully, than in ordinary places. Your place of religious worship might be a thin place. The yoga studio you frequent or the altar-space you have created in your home might be thin places. Your grandmother’s kitchen during family gatherings or the women’s healing circle you attend might be thin places. Within nature there are many thin places. But thin places can also be conjured up from deep within our own souls, similar to what you may have experienced during the visualization. Regardless of their physical ‘where-ness,’ or their source of origination, however, thin places always inspire in us a sense of awe or reverence. They create in us an urge to fall to our knees in surrender of that which is so much greater than us, and yet, that we are inextricably bound to and a part of.

My question for us as individuals and as a collective, is what if we lived our lives from the perspective that everywhere we go, everything we do and everyone we meet is an opportunity to experience a thin place – an opportunity to be in communion with the Divine, or Universal Oneness? What if we lived as though heaven already exists on Earth? And furthermore, what if we could help others experience their lives as thin, as well.

The truth about thin places and our contact and relationship with the Divine is that it isn’t always easy, joyful or without challenges. I invite you to sit with and show compassion toward whatever questions, discomfort, negative reactions or difficult emotions that may arise as you move through your life, and to view these as thin places, too. This is where the deepening into ourselves happens. This is where true learning and development occurs. This is where we experience alchemy – where our lead is turned into our gold.

I believe our work is to do all of this. It is to foster in both ourselves and others awe, reverence and appreciation both for the mundane, as well as for the breathtaking – for the shadow, as well as for the light.

The ability to view the whole of our lives and all of our choices and interactions as thin places – always – helps us lift our heads. It helps us see upward into our individual and collective dreams and visions for the way the world can be, the kind of relationship we can have with one another and the Earth, and the kind of new reality we are co-creating for our world.

The entire world is a thin place. We are thin places. The Divine already lives within us. The most powerful thing we can do is embody and live our lives in integrity with these Truths, thus becoming models and leaders for others.

My hope is that Sol Alchemy, in all of its forms – yoga, Reiki, my writing – can become a thin place in your life, as well, or at the very least, remind you of the thin places that already exist in your daily experiences.

So welcome. Welcome to Sol Alchemy. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

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