Who is "Her?"

This is a good question from an old friend: “who exactly is Her?” (in reference to my frequent posts re: Her). Her is She. She is Goddess. She is Mother, Mama Earth, Gaia, the Divine Feminine. 'the micro-level’…the purpose of Her in my life, initially, was to open my eyes to see myself created in the image of the Divine as WOMAN. ‘the macro-level’…She is The One guiding collectives of women – across time and space – who have always looked to and known Her. who have always been a part of revolutionary movements – above- and underground – to rebirth Her presence onto the planet and into the minds and hearts of those within religions and traditions that are patriarchal and misogynistic and continue to perpetuate injustices against not only women, but against all those on the fringes and against the Earth Herself.

I am a part of this collective – this BODY – of women. i am a part of a particular lineage of priestesses who have committed our ‘this lifetime’ (and most likely other lifetimes) to doing sacred work on behalf of Her. this work is simultaneously ancient and new. it happens in both the seen and unseen worlds. it involves facing both the light and shadows inside of myself and within humanity. and most importantly, it requires inner-transformation in the name of radical action.

I can’t actually provide the answer to the question ‘who exactly is Her?’ but I will encourage you to ask Her that same question. say a prayer and create an opening for Her to work magic and miracles in your life. i promise, She will change you for good, better and Holy.

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