with Kat Rose & Bre Hibbs (part of  SOLful Sundays)

Every 3rd Sunday of the month

Next one: December 18th


@Old Stone Church & Performing Arts Center

157 NW Franklin Ave.

Bend, OR 97701


Using guided meditation, breathwork and chanting we gather in circle to dive deep into the heartspace of Bhakti - devotion to God/Spirit/That which lives within the heart of All.


$10 suggested donation appreciated.



Monday evenings, November 14-December 12



This experiential workshop offers athletes and adventurers an introduction to foundational practices in meditation, specifically through the lens of training the mind and our more subtle energy bodies to be strong, powerful and effective during sports, recreation or adventure activities. Explore timeless practices from diverse traditions with modern-day research. A few examples include: breath practices, embodiment exercises, body scanning for vitality, strength and relaxation, heart coherence, and visualization.

Investment: $89

Register here through COCC.



Monday evenings, November 14-December 12



This experiential workshop offers athletes and adventurers an introduction to foundational practices in meditation, specifically through the lens of training the mind and our more subtle energy bodies to be strong, powerful and effective during sports, recreation or adventure activities. Explore timeless practices from diverse traditions with modern-day research. A few examples include: breath practices, embodiment exercises, body scanning for vitality, strength and relaxation, heart coherence, and visualization.

Investment: $89

Register here through COCC.




Saturday, October 22nd

Doors: 6:30pm

Music 7:00-9:30pm


Sol Alchemy Temple is excited to host 2 extremely talented musicians - Makete Roesch & Vojta - from the international band and traveling collective of wild-hearted musicians: Mad Hallelujah Tribe.

Not affiliated with any particular religion or creed, Mad Hallelujah Tribe loves to use the word “Hallelujah” simply as an open invitation to sing out strong, dance like mad, clap & stomp, laugh or cry, and come together in celebration of the colorful spectrum of existence—set your spirit free!

Since the group’s formation in New Zealand in early 2015, international collective Mad Hallelujah Tribe has traveled the globe on the wings of a common dream: to create and share transcendent moments of connection & expression through organic, inclusive music. 

Mad Hallelujah Tribe’s current active lineup brings together diverse musical backgrounds, several countries, and even more instruments. Joining us at Sol Alchemy will be:

U.S. mountain man & songwriter, Makete Roesch, who holds down folk, bluegrass, rock and psychedelic influenced rhythm guitar, vocals, and percussion. And Czech violinist Vojta, who melds classical, gypsy jazz, and celtic influences into a style all his own, as well as making surprise appearances on didgeridoo & bansuri flute.

Join us for a night of "hallelujah," singing, dancing and more!

$10 @the door

Check them out live in studio here...

Full album here...

Vojta's instrumentation here...



Sunday, December 4th



Sky to Dirt (S2D) is an innovative, strengths-based model in visionary and strategic planning and creative problem solving. It offers a holistic and creative alternative to traditional, mechanistic and linear strategic planning models that often encourage compartmentalization of information. S2D as a process, skill and art form incorporates guided visualization, engages both the right and left-brain and uses inner wisdom, intuition and emotions. S2D's beauty, simplicity, and depth can be applied to any situation and empowers you to be simultaneously visionary and empirical. (Register at the link below, through Central Oregon Community College)

Investment: $79

Register here through COCC.




Sunday, December 11th



The heart of Feminine wisdom lives within each of us. Join us in honoring and celebrating the Feast Day of the Virgin de Guadalupe by exploring and reclaiming the true power of our hearts as individuals, in ALL of our relationships and as a collective heart, connected with the heart of the Earth Herself.

This 4-hour experiential workshop will be a deep dive into the power and wisdom of your heart, exploring such things as:

-Connecting to your heart
-Perceiving from and through your heart
-Sourcing the wisdom of your heart
-The power of the heart to transform, heal, and hold
-The connection of your heart to others' hearts and to the Great Heart

We invite you to come as a single participant, OR to come with a loved one .... a friend, a family member, or an intimate partner. Healing our hearts in relationship, no matter the form it takes, is a powerful and necessary piece of work at this time on the planet.

Early bird special (through November 30th) - $38
After November 30th - $50

Register here.

**If you're coming with a friend/loved one, it's "it's buy 1 get 1 half off" ($57 total) - send me a personal message and/or email to register together (

Classes Key:

TEAL classes are Sol Alchemy Temple Classes (Sol Alchemy Punchcards & Memberships Apply)

PEACH classes are led/run by other teachers and their own businesses (you can purchase punchcards directly from those teachers at those classes, or use your Sol Alchemy Punchcards & Memberships)

GREEN classes/workshops are run in partnership with Central Oregon Community College (require registration through COCC)

PURPLE classes/workshops/events are donation-based (punchcards do not apply; select Sol Alchemy Memberships do)

Schedule at a glance


Guiding Energies

Astrology: Sun

Archangel(s): Michael, Raphael

Color(s): Yellow

Incense(s): Frankincense

Stone(s): Topaz, citrine, yellow diamond







Yin & Reiki For Your SOL


** Most Sundays following Yin & Reiki For Your SOL is "SOLful Sundays."


Guiding Energies

Astrology: Moon

Archangel(s): Gabriel

Color(s): Purple, silver

Incense(s): Jasmine, mugwort

Stone(s): Quartz, pearl, moonstone



Resource Rich

No classes at this time.


Guiding Energies

Astrology: Mars

Archangel(s): Chamuel

Color(s): Red

Incense(s): Tobacco

Stone(s): Ruby, carnelian, bloodstone







Kudalini Yoga


Gentle, Heartful Flow


Restore Your SOL



$5 Community "Grab Bag" Yoga


Sol Alchemy Healing Current & Reiki Share



Guiding Energies

Astrology: Mercury

Archangel(s): Raphael, Michael

Color(s): Orange

Incense(s): Storax

Stone(s): Opal, agate, hematite







Shamanic Yoga


Restore Your SOL


Wednesday Night Kirtan


Guiding Energies

Astrology: Jupiter

Archangel(s): Tzadkiel

Color(s): Blue

Incense(s): Cedar

Stone(s): Amethyst







Gentle Heartful Flow (infused w/Pilates-style movements)



Restore Your SOL


Yin & Reiki for Your SOL



Holy Happy Hour (flow yoga to live music)


"Evolutionary SELF-Healing" Meditation


Guiding Energies

Astrology: Venus

Archangel(s): Haniel

Color(s): Green

Incense(s): Rose, sandalwood

Stone(s): Emerald, lapis, tourmaline






Yoga for EveryBODY


Guiding Energies

Astrology: Saturn

Archangel(s): Tzafkiel

Color(s): Black

Incense(s): Myrrh

Stone(s): Star sapphire, pearl, jet, onyx





No classes at this time.


Saturday, February 4th


This special class will incorporate very gentle restorative yoga postures, Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) and Reiki to enhance our times on the mat. This class will draw from the energy of the Winter Sosltice, releasing tension in the body and mind, creating balance and deep relaxation.

Investment: $20

Pre-registration and drop-ins welcome. Please email with any questions.


(with Bre, through COCC)


Sunday, February 12th



Reiki is a gentle, noninvasive, powerful practice that is rising in popularity as an effective alternative complementary treatment for healing. It is becoming widely accepted across health related fields. Many hospitals, including the St. Charles Cancer Center, offer Reiki treatments for patients. Numerous scientific studies have validated that Reiki treatments can shorten recovery times after surgeries and injuries, lower resting heart rate and blood pressure, and impart feelings of peace and calm. Reiki is for anyone wishing to enhance well-being through use of the Reiki energy for themselves or loved ones. Reiki skills are a great addition for anyone in a healing and helping profession. Whether you are a curious individual,  parent, caretaker,  yoga instructor,  massage therapist, acupuncturist or  counselor, Reiki training can enhance your professional skill set.


Explore the history and philosophy of Reiki. You'll learn how to do a self-Reiki practice and how to practice on others. Bring the following to class: a pen, journal or notebook, packed lunch, cushion and/or blanket. Some cushions and chairs will be available. Water and tea available at class--bring your own cup. 

Investment: $99

Register here.





On the Top of

Our Heart

Come home to your Heart





Receptivity: Moon Magic

Did you know Sol Alchemy Temple hosts new and full moon gatherings/offerings monthly?!

w/Toni Acevedo (Yoga teacher) & Angie Brooks (Reiki lead)

Fri, August 25th, 6:30-8:00pm 
Sat, September 23rd, 6:30-8:00pm 
Sat, October 21st, 6:00-7:30pm
Sat, November 18th, 6:00-7:30pm
Sat, December 16th, 6:00-7:30pm


w/Bre Hibbs, Kat Rose & Guest Teachers

Fri, September 8th, 7:00-9:00pm
Fri, October 6th, 6:30-8:30pm
Fri, November 3rd, 6:30-8:30pm
Sat, December 2nd, 6:30-8:30pm






Post-eclipse..."NOW WHAT?"

A snippet from our most recent blog entry and e-newsletter:

... so in these first several days post-eclipse, something you could do is give some additional time, attention and even resources to those intentions you planted and toward that which you most desire to create in your life in the unfoldment of this next cycle.

In following the gardening metaphor ... water the seeds. Give them ample access to sunlight. Continue tending the fertile soil of your Life so that the seeds' growth happens within a nutrient-dense ecosystem that supports their thriving! 


Read the full blog post here, and checkout the full newsletter, including upcoming events here.


Winter Solstice Sacred Chant Concert

Thursday, December 21st


Tickets Pre-Sale: $20

At Door: $25



for teachers, class descriptions, pricing

& purchasing classes online!


Weekly, Tuesday mornings, w/Bre Hibbs



@Wren & Wild

910 NW Harriman St.

Investment: $8 drop-in

Join us for Hear(mind)FULNESS. This weekly class is based in exploring diverse practices from diverse teachings from across spiritual traditions around the globe. The common thread, which runs through all of the practices, is training and engaging not only the mind, but calling forth the power and virtues of the heart, as well. In the West, the trend toward including mindfulness practices in everything from yoga classes to the corporate boardroom is certainly important and useful; however, somewhere along the way, we've forgotten the heart. We've overlooked, for example, that Buddhist monks are not just mindful or practicing presence - though that's certainly important - they are also often contemplating and meditating on, or we might even say praying for, qualities like compassion, loving-kindness, peace and love. And not only are they cultivating these qualities for and inside of themselves, they are inviting them into the collective consciousness, for all Beings; thus, they are inherently engaging their hearts. Join us for a weekly practice of meditating, with the mind and the heart.


Community meditation for all, no experience necessary; this class is for everyone who wants to learn meditation practices and how to utilize it in their daily lives.



with Hillary Hurst (part of SOLful Sundays)


Every 3rd Sunday of the month.

Spring Dates
April 15th, 7:00-9:00pm
May 20th, 7:00-9:00pm
June 17th, 7:00-9:00pm


*Drop into one, or come to all 3!*

Are you feeling it's time for a new brew in your life? Are you tired of waiting for the 'tower to crumble' beneath you, and instead, are feeling the urge to get down and dirty and tear down the worn-out structures of you life with your bare hands? Do you feel a spark of curiosity in your Soul when you consider diving into the Tarot as a a way of more deeply understanding of Self, Other and the world?

Join local and well-known tarot sorceress ... palmist ... modern day mystic ... artist ... and one of Sol Alchemy's resident witches, Hillary Hurst, for a seasonal exploration of the Tarot, specifically through focused study of the Major Arcana and how to work more intimately with these archetypes that interweave in and through our lives .

Classes are offered the third Sunday of every month, and will follow the arcana through the seasons of the year. 







Required deck: "Thoth Tarot" - this deck was originally created by Aleister Crowley, but Hillary will teach from her studies with world-renowned cultural anthropologist and Feminist educator Angeles Arrien. To purchase a deck:

1. We have some you can buy at the first class for $25.
2. If you want to buy your own sooner, we encourage you to shop/order local through The Cosmic Depot.
3. You can of course get it also on Amazon.

LARGE deck can be found here:

A book is not required; however, we will not be using the original Thoth book that comes with many of the decks. If you want to continue your study on your own, purchase the book by Angeles Arrien, "The Tarot Handbook: Practical Application of Ancient Visual Symbols."

Descriptions & Pricing

Befriending Gravity (Yin & Reiki)

"Sinking. Syncing. Gravity. Earth. Moon. Water. An elemental practice." ~ Breyn Marr
Many of us are very generous in our lives - as we get to be, if we are so lucky - and, taking explicit time to practice active receptivity is quite necessary, too. Thus, the practice of yin. This practice is about sinking and syncing. Sinking, as in: coming back into right relationship with Earth’s gravity itself…the spiral journey of down and in…down and in…down and in. And syncing, as in: relaxing the connective tissues of the body and the nervous system enough to come back into coherence with the frequency and vibration of the Earth Herself and the intelligence of nature and all of Life. Different from an active or movement-based yoga practice (aka moving meditation, or moving prayer), yin is a practice of reverent, still-ful prayer (i.e., the openings, gifts and magic of the practice happen in the stillness and because of the stillness). This practice can induce ‘falling asleep’ in the poses; however, this is not the idea, point or goal. Instead, yin is a potent practice for cultivating wakeful presence amidst everything from discomfort to blissful relaxation. This is a deep practice (deep stretching, deeply reflective and meditative, connecting with the depths of the Earth and waters below us) that gives generously to all practitioners (first-timers, advanced practitioners and all of us in-between).

Flow & Glow

"Strength in foundation, balance inside and out, movement through breath." ~ Toni Acevedo

Flow & Glow is an all-levels yoga class created mindfully. It's designed to bring your awareness to your body’s natural alignment and to then build strength around that alignment. Flow & Glow includes asana and meditation to balance the chakras (energy body), the brain and thinking mind and the physical body. Through breath, we create more energy, release tension and find our natural rhythm.

Kundalini Yoga

“Soul does not relate to mind; mind relates to soul. It's a one-way traffic.” ~Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini yoga stretches and challenges the body, mind and spirit, increases flexibility (inner and outer), cultivates strength and clarity, encourages balance and relaxation and assists practitioners in adopting tools to manage stress and create joyful, healthy lives! Kundalini uses kriyas - special "recipes" of combined body postures, breathwork, meditation, mantras and chanting - as its primary way of healing, transforming and uniting the body, mind, emotions and Spirit. Kriyas are strategically designed to ignite and move energy and to invite practitioners to lean into gracefully allowing Divine energy to move in and through the body, leading to expanded awareness and occasionally momentary experiences of astounding ecstasy! Beginners are welcome! No previous yoga experience needed. 

The 9 Gates of Awakening: Yoga for (Soul Recovery

“I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul.” ~ Rumi

In this class, the union of yoga’s ancient technologies of breath and movement, together with Shakti Rising’s 9 Gates of Awakening (our Therapeutic Model of (Soul) Recovery) allows practitioners to connect with and embody deep parts of their Soul. Shakti’s 9 Gates of Awakening assist seekers and journeyers in: identifying, facing and transforming roadblocks using practices like 'being with with is,' rather than force;  (re)connecting with resources – both internal and external – that create momentum for moving forward with discipline and grace; sourcing, expressing and living your deepest truth and Soul's longings.

Restore Your SOL

Perfect for beginners, advanced practitioners, athletes and recreationalists alike, Restore Your SOL classes offer gentle, restorative postures and sequences that incorporate props (blocks, straps, bolsters ... and sometimes even spoons, chairs, tennis balls, hula hoops and more!) and pranayama breathing and meditation techniques.

Yoga for Healing

"Yoga for Healing" is an all-levels yoga class that teaches therapeutic approaches for healing body and mind and brightening Spirit through yoga! Alignment and tenderness are at the center of the practice, and creative props such as chairs, sandbags, tennis balls and more are used to support you in the process. A touch of "Shamanic Yoga" (working with and embodying the elements) is often woven throughout, and often, this class will give attention to spinal articulation and mobility, as a back/spine health is a cornerstone of overall health and wellbeing. We utilize breath and guided imagery to connect our asanas with intention.

Family Yoga

Kiddos and adults/all ages welcome! Teacher Breezy Franzke combines years of experience as both a mom and pilates and yoga teacher to deliver a rich class for all ages. Class incorporates breath, mantra, gentle stretching, asana and partner yoga, all set to music (and sometimes with the addition of getting to use instruments). This is a casual atmosphere in which we invite children and grownups of all ages too explore, connect and engage all parts of ourselves. Plus, kids are free with a paying grownup! Props and guest teachers often make an appearance!

Wednesday Night Kirtan

Kirtan - a traditional bhakti yoga practice - is open to the public. No singing or musical experience necessary! If you play the flute, or another wind instrument, bring it as each night will include an improvisational chant…we want and need your participation!!! $10 drop in, or use any Sol Alchemy punchcard or membership.

Class Pricing


Drop In


3-Class **INTRO** Package


5-Class Punchcard


10-Class Punchcard


20-Class Punchcard


1-Month Unlimited Yoga/Kirtan


Industry Discount

(for active yoga teachers in the Central Oregon Community)

$9 per class

Family Yoga:

Kids always *FREE* with paying adult

Wednesday Night Kirtan:

$10 drop-in, or any Sol Alchemy punchcard or membership


Our Intention

Sol Alchemy Temple is dedicated to making the ancient philosophy, teachings and practice of yoga accessible to modern-day spiritual-seekers in a safe, healthy and sacred environment -one that is free from competition and intimidation. Our intention and hope is that when you walk through our doors you feel more at ease than you did before entering, and we hope that you maybe even feel at home.


At Sol Alchemy, we take great joy in cultivating the art of combining yogic body postures, breath work, meditation, mantras & chanting with the great esoteric and mystery teachings from across eras and the globe ... creating special "recipes" and a unique unique flavor of alchemical transformation that awakens our individual hearts to the sweetness and power of community and the collective heart.


 Whether you're a seasoned yoga practitioner or are contemplating stepping across the threshold of a yoga studio's front door for the first time, we don't take it lightly that you're considering Sol Alchemy Temple as a place and community you'd like to bring your Spirit and practice. Every time a person pays a visit to their yoga mat, we consider it a vulnerable and courageous act and a bold choice.


Wherever else your journey has taken you and will going forward, we are excited and honored at the  opportunity to welcome you.

Why Yoga


Yoga - as a form of moving meditation, prayer and spiritual practice - has the potential to affect and benefit the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual/energetic bodies.


Ancient yogis knew and taught that activating and harmonizing, or bringing into coherence, all three of our 'centers' - our moving center/body , heart center and higher, intuitive mind center - Life in a heightened, more aware, conscious and awake state is possible.


Some specific benefits of adopting a yoga practice are below.


  • Awareness of breath and deeper, more efficient breathing

  • Increased strength, flexibility and mobility

  • Improved balance, stamina and sleep

  • Mental clarity and overall higher-functioning, more intuitive mind

  • More frequent feelings of gratitude, peacefulness and resilience

  • A growing desire and ability to respond rather than react to the world around us

  • Visceral sensation and experiences of being connected to and a part of something greater than ourselves

  • Greater access to insight, guidance and wisdom related to our unique Soul-purpose in the world

Yoga @The Temple

Benefits of Yoga