Fall Restorative Yoga Series smaller fil


(10-week series)

with Breyn Hibbs

10 Wednesdays this Fall, 4:00-5:15pm

September 19th through November 21st

Location: Blissful Heart (29 NW Greeley Ave.)


Join Bre Hibbs and Sol Alchemy for a 10-week series (drop-ins also welcome!) designed to bring all of our Selves, parts, systems and rhythms back into closer alignment and coherence with the season of Fall and its guiding energies, elements and teachings. The series - offered once per season - is a restorative and yin yoga practice that also incorporates mindfulness and meditation practices, food and herbal ‘encounters’ (sensory/taste experiences, teas, spices, essential oils and flower essences) and energy tools from diverse traditions (e.g, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Donna Eden energy medicine, etc.). All of these are woven into an experience of getting up close and personal with Fall each week - both the ways Fall lives within us, and the ways we can learn from what She is showing us in the external world. Each practice in the series will ‘treat’ a combination of our: physical bodies, organ systems, hormones, nervous system, minds/mental body, hearts/emotional body, energy body (e.g., chakras, meridians, electromagnetic field), Soul and/or Spirit. There will be opportunities to participate in a Fall recipe swap, as well as to commit to Fall-inspired ‘homework’ in between classes (up to each practitioner, of course)!


In our modern-world and current culture, we are living amidst and with a tremendous amount of ‘disruption.’ Everything from climate change and our nation’s political landscape, to unprecedented levels of toxins entering our food, water and air sources - not to mention the disruption caused by WiFi and cell phone tower frequencies - are having impacts on our health and wellbeing both as individuals and as communities.


In the lineage I’ve been raised up in - which is nothing ‘new’ at all, and in fact, is ancient wisdom held and practiced in and across indigenous and spiritual traditions across the globe - one of the first ‘interventions’ that immediately begins restoring health/lifeforce to our whole Being is re-aligning with natural cycles and rhythms.


I hope you’ll join me for all or part of this deep dive into Fall.


~ $108 for the whole series here ~

~ $15 drop in ~

~ Sol Alchemy punchcard(s) ~


Flexible investment/payment structure(s) available:

  1. Commit to and register for the whole 10-week series: $108 (register here, or cash/check/card accepted upon arrival; includes a custom-blended flower essence formula* for the Fall season with instructions on what flowers are included, how to use it and what the benefits are)

  2. Drop in to any one or more classes for $15 (register here, or cash/check/card accepted upon arrival)

  3. Use any pre-purchased Sol Alchemy classes to drop in (call Bre, 541-285-4972, or just show up and we will work it out!)

  4. Use the amount leftover from any pre-purchased Sol Alchemy classes/punchcards toward the price of this series (call Bre, 541-285-4972, or just show up and we will work it out!)

*custom-blended flower essence formula also for purchase separately

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