*While this letter is written from and by Bre as the Founder & Owner of Sol Alchemy, it reflects the intentions of the entire Sol Alchemy and Shakti Oregon teams.

On this glorious New Moon in Cancer , it is with great excitement that we share with you, our beloved community, WE'RE MOVING! (to see specifics, details & logistics, keep reading :) ... or click here for a shortc...

February 7, 2018

'Blog Shmlog' is the name of a status update I saw on facebook recently from Shanan Kelly. I have no idea what she meant by it, but she's funny and doesn’t take herself too seriously, which are two qualities I treasure in her and in general.  I have been toying with this idea of blogging, or shmloging as I’d rather call it, for a while now. It’s a radical act of sorts, for me, since...

December 2, 2017

In my early 20s, I discovered John O'Donohue's various writings on transitions, thresholds and 'thin places'. Thank goodness for his ability to bring forth language about something so ineffable. He speaks/writes such clarity directly into the heart of the particular and unique experience of these spaces and places 'in between'; of the things and times that are 'neither this nor that...

September 28, 2017

To welcome is to say: "Please. Come in. And be well...

To welcome is to invite...

...into wellness,
...into our most robust state of wholeness...

[which, by the way, is not something out side of us...

it's our natural state, and it's our birthright!]

This is our invitation to and for you this Navaratri season, this Fall. We want you to come in with us; to be more well an...

August 24, 2017

Image credit: original painting by Toni Acevedo of Barefoot Bliss Yoga

Several people have asked me this question since the big cosmic event: "Now what?!" And honestly, I haven't given a lot of 'answers,' partially, because in my cultivation as a teacher, my first instinct is to pose the question back: "Well, what do YOU sense and feel about it?!"

But in my own contemplation of the...

July 5, 2017

"When you enter into this Community, you are engaging with a principle known as Synarchy ... You’ve been drawn mysteriously and karmically, like a bee to a flower, and there are others also drawn to the same flower, so you share something similar in your essence ... To meet others on the same wavelength as you ... that creates a strong resonance, and it’s this resonance – this honey...

Thank you to my dear friend and sister, Krystal - the genius behind Guerrilla Media, a local, media effort & 'movement' advocating for grass roots, low pro & independent press for the community, guided by emergent design - for reviewing a Sol Alchemy restorative class in this creative way.

To hear Krystal's reflections, check out the audio file here.

January 19, 2016


i #optin to believing that the open, unguarded and loving heart itself is the greatest protection - and potential - we have.


this morning, while scanning the radio, a station i don't usually listen to caught my attention. the speaker was riffing on building a fortress around the heart. at first, i assumed the message would continue down the path of why it's actually a really good p...

December 17, 2015


i choose to #OptIn...

today, we find ourselves a little over a week out, post-black friday. and for the past several days, something that's been at the top of my heart is REI's recent #OptOutside campaign. get this, if you haven't seen or heard. for black friday, REI closed ALL their stores and offices...gave all their employees the day off AND paid them anyway...gave up millions of...

December 13, 2015


i #OptIn to keeping my heart open...always...AND with particular attention and compassion as we move toward the darkest day of the year and toward the winter season.


inspired by the stunning new moon ceremony at @Sol Alchemy Temple last night, this morning i am being with something one woman shared about how goddess circles sometimes perpetuate conversations that keep people at the...

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